Performing at The Viper Room

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Last week we played the Viper Room and shared some of the after party pics we took with you.  Today, we have some pictures from our amazing photographer friend Samuel and some sneaky iPhone videos since the Viper Room doesn’t let you take video without paying them a ridiculous amount of money.  Also check out pictures Samuel took of our new girl band crush Violet playing right before us here.  Thanks again for partying with us and if you missed it here are some pictures and video!

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Now for some sneaky iPhone video footage of our last song Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet.

Are You Gonna Be My Girl at the Viper Room

Keep rocking!

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Viper Room Shenanigans

We had an awesome time playing at the Viper Room last night!  Thanks to everyone who came and braved the traffic and parking to rock out with us.  We really appreciate it and love you!  The professional pictures are coming soon but for now here are pics from our phones of the night’s shenanigans.

With Kari and ErinLipstick lamp and glow foamShots!

Our eyes look crazy!

Mandatory Hand Claps During "Met Your Match"

Apocalipstick and Violet! Pic via Rayko of Lolita Dark

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Get Ready For Apocalipstick at The Viper Room

We’re excited to play the world famous Viper Room next Wednesday, August 21st with awesome girl bands!  Our drummer Jeannette Gloss made a special invitation video for you here:

The lineup of bands is going to be SO FUN!  Being a girl band we are partial to fellow girls Violet and pop star Manou.  So come check all of us out and let’s get a drink at the bar this Wednesday!  Here is Violet’s music video for You Are The Problem.  So catchy and badass!

Here’s Manou‘s introduction video. She’s done a lot and we’re so excited to see her play.  One of our former bassist’s, Brenda is going to be playing drums in her band!

Here’s a video of Soma playing the Viper Room previously.  It’s gonna be a frickin’ awesome party and we can’t wait to enjoy it all with you!

So show the flier below on your phone to get in for just $10 (otherwise $12) and let them know you’re here for Apocalipstick.   There’s also $5 drink specials all night and $1 an hour parking one block over across from the old Red Rock.  See you there!


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Stacy Clark’s Residency at the Constellation Room

Apocalipstick played Stacy Clark’s residency at the Constellation Room last night and it was amazing!  All the artists, Orion Walsh, Undocument and Fellow Bohemian were great and of course Stacy Clark is such a talented and beautiful performer.  I actually met Stacy at our mutual friends’ parties but somehow didn’t realize it was from her promo pictures until I saw her in person that night.  I’m sure you wouldn’t recognize me or the other Apocalipstick girls without makeup walking down the street from our pro band photoshoot pictures too.  Here is the amazing Stacy Clark performing last night!

via stacyclarkmusic

And here’s a picture of Stacy and me.  I had to put multiple filters to semi hide how ridiculously sweaty I was. Hey, we took the picture right after Apocalipstick played and you know what an energetic workout performance we put on =)

Abby Lipstick & Stacy Clark

Thanks to our new friend Volterock Vr who video taped the performance and emailed it to us on Facebook.  Here’s our cover of Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl!  Love the end of the video for the song breakdown where we’re totally having a dance party!

And another favorite song we wrote Friends With Benefits.  Love how someone yelled “More Cowbell!”

And here are more pictures from the night!  Huge thanks to our awesome merch girl (and pageant queen and figure skater!) Amanda and her friend who said we reminded her of Bikini Kill!  *heart* It was also our super friend fan, Mike’s birthday so we gave him a shout out from stage and instead of my usual stealing his drink during our set I actually bought him one before we went on.  We also saw one of our youngest, most old school friend’s, Julia again. She was tiny when we first met her here in 2007:

Julia back in 2007 when Apocalipstick first started

And now look how grown up she is last night at the show in the same t shirt!

We had sent her a signed poster and preview cd. She was so sweet and wrote us a thank you note and brought us flowers.  I of course took a picture of them. Thank you so much! We super appreciate it <3

And of course more pictures from the night of fun!  We definitely want to play the Constellation Room again!  It’s a fun bar that’s all ages and free cover on weeknights! How the heck can you beat that!?!? And in Orange County!?

via @poisonscarlett instagram

via @poisonscarlett instagram

viz Li Zheng


via @great_unknowns twitter

Thanks for sending us these pictures!  If you have any pictures of you or us from last night please send them to and we’ll post it!

See you at the next show, the Viper Room, Wednesday Aug 21 at 9 PM!  Details here and the flier below.

$5 Happy Hour Drink Specials and $1 an Hour Parking!

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OC Fair 2013 at The Hangar Stage

Apocalipstick has played at OC Fair since 2007 back when the band first started with their most seasoned lineup of Jeannette Gloss (drums), Jenna Blush (guitar) and me, Abby Lipstick (vocals).   We usually plays clubs for a 21+ party crowd which we all love and take part in.  But we’re also family girls at heart and really love playing gigs for young fans and families like OC Fair. Thanks to our friends and family who came and special thanks to you at the fair just passing by and seeing us.  If you missed us, below are videos of the performance and pictures of our entire fun day at the fair. Check our blog again for more behind the scenes OC Fair videos and new band shenanigans.

We love our new friends!

And our family! With Mom and cousins

Even Grandpa came to the Fair

Special thanks to our merch girls. Look at that pretty merch table!

We played our favorite guilty pleasure song during our soundcheck. “Wannabee” by the Spice girls is always fun. Gotta love girl bands and harmonies!

We debuted our newest song “I Don’t Fight Like A Girl” which I wrote about being bullied by a bunch of mean girls when I was younger.

We love playing the Powerpuff Girls theme song!  Do you remember this cute cartoon?  My sister and I always used to watch it.

Check out more of the songs we played on our YouTube here and please subscribe!

Here’s a backstage peek of us getting ready and putting on our girlie glam makeup before we perform.Getting ready...

Then of course it’s rocking out time!  Again, you can see our videos from the fair on YouTube here.

And what’s the fair without too much fried food!?!  Here’s my sister/bandmate Jenna and I hugging this random giant cupcake.  Personally I make my cupcakes gluten free =)  And our cousin, Josen was amazing helping us carry gear and driving us around as our roadie for the day.  After the hard work he celebrated with a giant OC Fair style corn dog!

More behind the scenes video of us backstage and hanging out all day at the fair coming up next.  Here’s a snippit of our upcoming Fair video of me getting harassed by a llama at the petting zoo:

Thanks again for hanging out with us at OC Fair!  Can’t wait to see you at the next show.

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